Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Anna loves popsicles. And we ran out. Uh oh! Yesterday, Aaron promised they would go to the store and get one. Well, time slipped away and the store closed. So at bath time, when she was dragging her feet, I might have bribed her with the promise of a posicle. ahem Sooo after her bath, Aaron ran over to CMart and gotItalic her a HUGE popsicle. The problem? Jacob is old enough now to understand that sister is getting something and he's not! Whoops!!! Man, the look on his face when he saw Aaron give Anna that popsicle. When he realized that there was nothing else for HIM, he got a little sad. So Daddy saved the day and dished up some ice cream! Anna was also nice enough to share her popsicle. Probably not the best bedtime snack, but oh well! :)

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Anonymous said...

Daddy ended up being a hero to his little boy!! How cute!