Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Whew. It's been a long week already! Here are a bunch of pictures :)
Last weekend we had visitors...Grandpa & Grandma!! The kids got some very special Easter baskets (I still haven't gotten a picture of Jacob with his).
Grandma made Anna this one and it came with a cute little bunny (that's actually a cover for eggs!). Anna loves both of them.
Jacob inherited his Daddy's Easter basket. He was too busy watching Dora to pose with the basket. He about took his diaper off, too. Great. That's just what I need---him to figure out how to remove his diaper!!! He is growing up, though :( Last night I went in to cover him up before I went to bed b/c he was up for an HOUR after Aaron put him to bed. He just laid in there and played (he has a Dora "see and say" thing in his crib). And it was very cold last night. Anyway, I go in there and he had put the blanket on himself! Such a big boy, it almost made me cry! He's not a baby anymore :(

We had a late night last night. A friend from college stopped by for supper on her way through on a support trip. It was great to visit with her and be encouraged (I thought it was supposed to be the other way around?!). Anyway, the kids got to bed super late (which is fine), so we had a lazy day today. A new movie came in the mail and Anna requested popcorn and a drink for the viewing of "The Wonderful Land of Ha's". They snuggled in chair quite nicely for about half of the movie, then lost interest:) Jacob's pink eye is gone, Anna got it just a tiny bit but hers is cleared up too. She just still has horrible allergies. Can't seem to get those cleared up.

Today she spent most of the morning digging through her closet and the toy box, finding all sorts of "treasures"! Needless to say their bedroom is one big mess, but she had fun and I had fun seeing what she came up with for dress up!

This was last week when it was still nice outside. Jacob loves to ride on Anna's bike...although that requires someone to push him!

Big sister happily obliges!

So fun, these two kiddos :)

And the project I have insanely started today....
Painting the kitchen cabinets! It hasn't been too bad so far, but that's only because they're all out of the reach of little hands! I've got all the coats on the outside of the upper doors, so tomorrow I'll have to figure out how to take them down and paint the insides of the doors and the facing. Monday Anna & I got the bedroom and bathroom doors painted white, finally and Aaron got a door knob on Jacob's door temporarily (that door will have to be replaced).

I'm going to paint the window and sill white this time instead of leaving it the dark wood. We'll probably take out the over hang above there as well. Open it up a bit more up there.

Here's my question...should I paint the insides of the cabinets, too? (This is all with the thought of eventually, possibly, maybe, trying to sell this house)
Oh, and update on my mom...she saw the ENT doctor today and her throat looks great--he could see the vocal chords without a scope! Her family doctor diagnosed her with polymyalgia rheumatica, so she is on a small dose of steroids to help with that which in turn helps with the throat swelling. She is feeling pretty good (I think it was the cross-country grandkids visiting trip!). We all appreciate your prayers for her. She still has days of not feeling good--from the c-diff still we think--but more good than bad days anymore. Praise God! :)
Alright, off to work on the queue.

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