Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This weekend, we came up to Iowa to surprise my Dad for his birthday. We accomplished the surprise (which is NOT easy with him!!). It was great and I really, really wish I could've gotten a video of it. He saw Anna through the window and his jaw literally dropped. It was great!
The kids did good on the trip. We ended up leaving Saturday morning. Jacob was, as always, enthralled with the movies (Dora and Veggie Tales...what else?!)
He still thinks it's hilarious when they play the Veggie Tales song. He also gets really excited when the map or backpack songs come on Dora. AND he's started saying "mmmm-uh!" when either of those songs come on!! It's cute. I think I got a video of it that I can post later.
Intent on watching.

Finally he slept! He fought it so hard for more than 30 minutes. When Anna was his age and she got tired, pretty much all you had to do was hold her hand or tickle her face and she was content to go to sleep. Jacob just has to do it on his own. He doesn't want to be touched, he doesn't want a movie, he doesn't want a drink, etc etc etc. He just gets M.A.D. then he goes to sleep.

Anymore, she pretty much just goes to sleep in the car if she's tired. Sometimes she even tells me "I'm gonna take a rest now. I'm tired."

When we got here, Jacob just wanted to run around of course! But when we got him around the corner and he saw Papa & Binga through the window, he got so excited. He wouldn't go up to the porch, he just stood on the sidewalk and danced around squealing! It was funny.

He LOVES the piano! He will sit for a good 30 minutes playing and "singing". It is absolutely adorable!
The kids & I are here for the week. It's been rainy and cold, but the kids are having lots of fun. They're content to play in the basement with all the toys and they play so well together. I've got some pictures I haven't downloaded yet of the "new" chalkboard Papa has now...they love it! All for now... :)

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