Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Princess and Her Doll

Anna decided to wear one of her fancy dresses to church today...and one of her dolls just so happens to have a matching dress (Thanks Uncle Windell!)

She insisted that her picture be taken!

So sweet. She loves her dolls.

Pouting because I asked her not to hold her baby above her head. How could I?!

We are so blessed with this little girl!! She loves to entertain (okay, play "Mama"!) to Jacob. In fact, this afternoon she was more than happy to take care of Jacob for at least 30 minutes at the kitchen table (no easy feat today...he was grumpy!). She kept him supplied with Goldfish and played peek-a-boo and tickle bug. And Jacob loved it.


Teri said...

I remember you saying you are a scrapbook, I have the perfect quote for these photos, I'll have to find it, but it is perfect!

Jennifer said...

I would love to have it if you can find it! I'm terrible at coming up with sayings and titles for my pages!!