Monday, March 2, 2009


I've been reading a fellow SC classmate's new blog. His post today (well, all of his posts!) was a good reminder that I need to be more involved. It IS my right to tell my representatives what I want...that's why they're in Washington! Anyway, he posted a link to the President's "A New Era of Responsibility". I encourage you all to click and read it. Yes, it's long. But it's our responsibility to read it and let our representatives know what we think about the plan. Because it WILL affect us. I haven't gotten very far, yet. But I promise I will read the whole thing. Aren't you proud of me Dad??? :)

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Anonymous said...

Well yes indeed. And just incase you don't get it all read (not that I don't believe you) here is a summary. As a socialist, I believe that we (government) owe it to all people to give them what they want whether they are willing to work for it or not. (A hint, just keep paying for gas and tires on your boys car and see if it gets the same gas mileage/miles on tires as it would if he were paying for those things himself) You need more money because this is your 6th child out of wedlock? No problem, I have removed the barrier that mean republicans put in place to force people who can work to work.

I will give to all poor and middle class people who deserve to have more because the "rich" people have stolen from them. I will take from the rich and give to the poor, how much more Biblical can you get? Of course this has already been tried before and pretty soon the rich stop being rich and then the "bill" is paid by the very people who I say I wanted to help. Oh well people will forgive me.

And believe me, this economy is a live or die crisis. We HAVE to give the health care industry almost a trillion dollars, we have to give billions and billons to the NEA, or this economy will collapse. What? How will this "stimulate" the economy? It is too complicated, just trust me. Just trust me. Just trust me. Just...