Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Things She Says

Anna is a hoot. Sometimes, she says things and we just look at her and bust out laughing. For example...
Early morning on Wednesday, she wet the bed (this rarely happens, but if she has ANYthing to drink after like 7pm she wets the bed. Which is just bizarre to me b/c she can go for hours after she wakes up in the morning before she potties! Anyway). Since clean pj's were in Jacob's room, I just wrapped her in my bathrobe and covered her in 2 blankets. She went back to sleep. I had to get up early that morning, so I was sitting at the kitchen table when she woke up. She walks out of the bedroom carrying her pink teddy bear and wearing a big grin...nothing else. She says "Look Mommy! I got my teddy!" I laughed and then said "Don't you think you better go get some clothes?" She looks down at herself, as if just realizing she's unclothed, and says "OH! Yeah." *giggle, giggle*

Today, she kept using the phrase "cute as a peach". ????? Your guess is as good as mine!
She keeps us laughing, that's for sure!

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Janet said...

That is funny. Such a nut but such a sweet nut! She's funny and doesn't even know it.