Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Great Deal at Dillons

Dillons is having a great sale this week (not sure how long). You buy 10 participating items (all on sale) and automatically get $5 off at the register. So I looked at their flyer and figured out what would be the cheapest way to get 10 items :D

Softsoap hand soap: $1 each (save $0.80)
Colgate toothpaste: $1.50 each (save $0.65)
Duncan Hines peanut butter cup brownie mix: $2.39 ($0.46)
Total of: $13.39
Discount of $5
I paid: $8.39
PLUS they're having a sale on their Sterling Silver chuck roasts...buy one get one FREE. So I also got 2 roasts for $10!!! I saved almost $22 today. Plus we now have a fuel coupon...$0.10 off a gallon. Normally, I see these kinds of things (the soap and toothpaste) and think why on earth would I buy so many? It's just spending money on things I don't need right now. BUT, here's the catch...It may take us months to use all that soap and toothpaste. But I paid a fraction of the price for each of them. $1.50 for a large tube of toothpaste!? We usually use Crest, but we're not picky when it's 1/2 what we usually pay! And with spring and outside play coming, we'll go through that soap pretty quickly.
Anyway, just wanted to share:)

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