Friday, March 27, 2009

CRAZY Spring Storm!

Oh. My. Goodness. This is one crazy storm! I thought maybe they'd "over forcasted" this storm because by 11am, there was hardly any snow on the ground. Well, an hour later it hit hard! I don't know if it's still snowing, but it's certainly still blowing hard. We're in a blizzard warning! We've probably got close to 10" on the ground. So, needless to say we stayed inside (and in our jammies!) all day and probably will all weekend!

A bit of attitude from the J-man! Goodness!!

Mama, do NOT interrupt my relaxing lunch time with your picture taking!

Anna decided to join in on the lounging...except it wasn't quite as easy for her to get her long legs up there! haha

This was yesterday. He loves his computer :)

She wore her fancy dress, Cinderella shoes, and tiara all day yesterday. And she carried her camera around taking pictures. Actually, Jacob would pick it up, hand it to her, and look at her smiling, waiting for his picture to be taken!!

I turn my back for 2 seconds and this is what he does!!! I guess he wanted to check out the paychecks and make sure everything added up?! :)

During her rummaging, she found her BIG puzzle. I put the outside together and she put all the middle pieces in. She did really good and was very proud of herself!

And now the snow storm pictures!

This was at around 11:30 am. (Notice the flower pot to the left of the sidewalk)

This is how hard it's been blowing...the snow was piled up clear to the front door! It never gets more than a foot, at the most, onto the porch. (this was around 4pm)

This is around 5pm.

See the lump? That's the flower pot in the first picture.

Here's a video...I thought maybe you'd be able to see how hard it was snowing and blowing but I don't think it worked. And while I cracked open the door, Jacob tried to sneak out! He's been desperate all day to get outside!!


Staci said...

Wow! As crazy as it sounds...we wish we were THERE! We really miss having snow now that we're in TX. This morning Brody told me that we should go visit Grammy today so that we can see the snow at her house :)

Anonymous said...

Cassie said Pratt got 28 inches!! It had just started snowing in Wichita but lots of ice! Be careful!! Snow still isn't sticking much here. Wind looks to have gone down too.