Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring is Here...right??

I don't know what the high was today, but it was upper 70s I'm guessing. It was gorgeous!! We spent as much time outside as we could. And tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer! My kids love it outside. Jacob is going to be a challenge though. I've NEVER had any trouble with Anna outside. She has always been to content to play where she sits. When she was Jacob's age, she would sit in the sandbox and not move for an hour. I'm not kidding. Our back yard is good sized, but it's not fenced and is bordered by an alley (technically, though it's rarely used by anyone but us...the city building is behind us so occasionally one of the city workers uses it, but not often). But I never had to worry about her wandering out of the yard or around to the front of the house. With Jacob, I can't even run into the house for 30 seconds to grab something! He's out of there. He's walked out into the carport, into the alley. In the front, he's not the least bit scared to head straight for the street! Anna still won't go near the street by herself. If she's 10 feet from the street in the front yard and hears a car, she jumps and runs for the porch! Jacob is the complete opposite. He is fascinated with wheels and when he sees a car, he wants to go check it out!!! So we have to keep a close eye on him. He's usually content to play in one spot, but if he gets distracted he's off. He saw me go into the shed this afternoon and decided to go check it out...he sat in there and "played" for quite a while. I think the only thing he found was a Dora pillowcase I used as padding in an ornament tub!!! But he would shut the door and open it...whatever! He was entertained:)
So, enough rambling...on to the pictures! ha

She's pouting...she asked if she could play a game on my computer and I told her no. It's 70 degrees outside child!! :)

He was SO DIRTY! Such a mess. Anna never gets so dirty and she plays right next to him. I don't know how he does it. Must be a boy thing! I also think he's got pink eye again :( Hopefully I can get him into the doctor tomorrow and get some eye drops.

He decided to go off exploring. For some reason, he's fascinated with our neighbor's lattice under their porch.

The promise of spring! I hope my lilacs bloom even more this year. I love their fragrance.

I love my clothesline! Thanks Dad and Grandpa!!! This is the 3rd year I've had I think. I always look forward to the weather warming up enough to start hanging clothes out...saves so much money for us! Especially when I do 3 college kids' laundry, too :)
I hope you're having some spring-like weather too and can get outside and enjoy the beauty God has given us!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! God is good! It's still -33 degrees low in Alaska! White and cold! Ha ha and we are enjoying it too:) Glad that Anna and Jacob can spend time playing outside now. -jicks