Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tough Choice

If you recall my post (and I'm too lazy to go find it and link to it!!) about a big decision--buying a house--we were facing...we've decided. It's been so hard, mostly because our heads and our hearts were warring with each other. Our hearts were in the right place. The extra (and I mean extra!) room would have been perfect for our family's calling to minister to college kids, etc. But it's just not the right time, financially, for us to take on a bigger house and all the bills that come with it. There were too many "if-then's" that were out of our control. So, we had a little pity party tonight ;) We ate at the newly opened Quizno's in town and went over and got some DQ. haha (that was Aaron's idea by the way...the pity party). We sat up last night for a long time (again) talking. We kinda agreed, without actually saying it out loud, that we shouldn't do it. When we finally went to bed, I just said "God, make me feel it in my bones that this is what we should do." I emailed my parents (since they never actually out-right said what they thought we should do) and begged them to just tell me what to do! And I about fell out of my chair when Dad emailed back and actually told me what he thought! But seriously, it really did help. And I promise we won't hold it against you Dad...except when you come stay with us and have to sleep on the living room floor!!! haha God used that email to hit it home...I felt it in my bones. And Aaron very sadly agreed. We're sad because it seems like this was a one-shot chance, but we know without a doubt that we're doing the right thing. We are going to make so much progress financially staying in this house longer. And God can do anything and we're confident that in the future, when we're financially ready to buy another house, He will provide the perfect one for our family! The interest rates probably won't be at 4% anymore, but that's okay! :) So, thank you for praying for us. It was hard!
Now, for some pictures!!! :)

The weather has been absolutely beautiful! 50s!! The snow is melting pretty quickly, but there's still a lot left! Our little snow man is almost gone, though. Anna kept checking on him today! This is my garden...or what you can see of it! And the little turtle sandbox is somewhere under all that snow! :)

Our driveway was really bad b/c the snow drifted. Aaron & I (okay, okay...I spent an hour!) spent all day Sunday shoveling. He had to be able to get out and go to work today!

A nice path to the carport...it comes up to mid-shin on me. Today, the path is completely free of snow.

Aaron working hard! The snow was very wet, so it was so so heavy to shovel! Made for good snowman-making, though!

So strange to look up from all that snow and see green buds on the trees!

I'm like my Dad...when I start a project, I like to get it finished quickly. Painting cabinets with 2 kids at home all day....doesn't equal finishing quickly!!! I finally got half of the upper cabinets completely done (minus the inside...haven't decided if I'm doing that or not). Having the window painted white makes a HUGE difference...makes it so much brighter. That's going to take about 10 coats b/c the primer was in the shed, which was snowed under (well, the path to it is anyway!). So I've come to realize that this project is going to take a long time...I mostly get the painting done on the weekends when Daddy is home to keep the kids out of the way. I can't get much done after they're in bed b/c I have to do my computer work then. It looks great, though. And will look really good when I finish and get the trim painted and put up (after Aaron gets it for me, of course!).

This is her new favorite thing to do...draw on her chore chart! Shows how much we use that! Whoops. She has to keep the chair moved away from there when she's done, though b/c Jacob likes to climb up and eat the magnets (eww!).

He really loves playing in the sink. He stood up there for a good 30 minutes or more the other day. Just playing with a medicine dropper and maybe the brush. No water running.

People always comment on how blonde his hair is getting. It's true...in most lights he looks like he's lost the red. But I keep telling people it's still there. Here's a picture to prove it! I did nothing but make the picture black & white except for his hair. Don't tell me that doesn't still have red in it! :) And this is how he tends to watch TV. RIGHT UP CLOSE...wonder where he gets that???? I had to remove the Lego box from the room, because he'd climb up on it and push the buttons on the satellite and DVD player (he, of course, figured out how to open the DVD player). He was not happy when I did that!

He's so ornery (and yes, there were several days that he just stayed in pj's all day!). At his 18 month check up last week, the doctor said "He likes his yellow vegetables, I see" HA! I've been noticing that his nose is always orange-ish in the pics....not such a bad thing, I suppose. He should have super eyes from all the beta carotene (??) he eats! :)

Well, now. That was a wordy post! Good grief. Night!

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Beth Wheatcroft said...

I'm so glad you guys made a decision, even if it wasn't the decision you were hoping you'd get to make. I totally feel for you though feeling like you're living on top of each other with no room to put anything anymore. I'm there with you sister. This week has been a challenge as I desperately want to get the house all ready for homeschooling but being so frustrated with not having anywhere to put it all. The Lord will truly bless you for your prayerful decision and as Paul says in Philippians, "I have learned to be content whether in plenty or in want. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."