Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week In Review...ha

Here are some more pictures from our week with Papa & Binga. We had lots of fun and already miss them! :) But we're looking forward to seeing Grandpa & Grandma this weekend!

Jacob loves to make a face and watch you imitate it...this is one of his favorites (mine too!). He's so cute!!

We rented "Horton Hears a Who" Friday night. Jacob was enthralled for quite a while with it. He just snuggled up with Binga and relaxed.

I completely forgot that Aaron & I had taken Anna and her cousins, Mia and Kaedyn, to see this movie in the theatre when it came out. Anna, of course, remembered! She has NOT inherited my memory (so far, anyway!). She was still engrossed in it.

She was crackin' me up...she decided to put on my shades and have a little drawing session. Drawing is one of her favorite things to do these days and she's getting really good at drawing people. She's figuring out that she can draw more than just a head with eyes and a mouth, hands, and legs. It's so fun to watch her learn!

Miss Hollywood!

Decided she needed to push the sunglasses up for a better look at her drawing. I think this was the time she was drawing a picture to make Jacob feel better. He was napping, but had been cranky all day (can anybody say teething EIGHT teeth at once???? I'm almost positive he's getting his 2nd molars along with his eye teeth. Good gracious, poor boy). So she said she was going to draw him a picture so he could feel better when he woke up. She couldn't wait for him to wake up! And he woke up cranky, but when he saw her picture, he smiled! :)

We had spaghetti for lunch today. Jacob made a HUGE mess, mostly just because he was tired and started rubbing his eye with is messy hand! He enjoyed his lunch, though.

Anna made sure to point out that she wasn't messy :) At least not compared to Jacob! (She doesn't ever wear a bib, but I hadn't changed her shirt from church and I didn't want it to get stained)
Back to the same ol' this week:) We had lots of fun in Iowa, but Daddy's glad we're home and so are we! Thanks for all the playing, fun, and spoiling Papa & Binga!!!

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