Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lots of fun at Papa's

Here are some pictures of the kids having fun at Papa & Binga's house!

This cradle was grandpa made it for me when I was about 9 yrs. old. It has my name on the front of it and it rocks. Anna absolutely loves it. She sits and rocks and sings her babies to sleep. Shhh!! My babies are sleeping! :)

And then there's the trucks for Jacob! He discovered he could ride this one! The other truck has an enclosed trailer with 2 cars. He loves them.

THE chalkboard :) This used to be in our church back home. It had a map and pins where the missionaries we supported were living. It was there as long as I can remember. When the church closed, Dad brought it up here, took the map out, and put a bunch of family pictures in it. It hung in the family room until recently when they painted and re-arranged. Now it's a chalkboard! Anna and Jacob both love drawing on it. And I've only caught Jacob eating the chalk once...huge improvement! (He's always eating Anna's sidewalk chalk at taking chunks out of it! It's so gross. I can't imagine why he would like it and keep doing it!?)

Jacob found Binga's bracelet and thought it was so much fun. Kaedyn (I think?) made it for says "Binga" on it :)

He could sit for a very long time, pushing the button over and over and over again. It plays "I'm a Little Tea Pot" gets pretty annoying after about 10 seconds. ha Good thing it stays in the basement!!


Anonymous said...

I liked to eat chalk too.....ummmm when I was little of course!

Jennifer said...

Riiight Susan! I guess that might explain some things... hehe! :)