Friday, March 20, 2009

Get off the Streets

Today wasn't quite as nice, but nice enough for March in Kansas! We had to take Aaron's car in for an oil change today, so we cleaned the car for him. I had a good helper and Jacob had SO MUCH FUN playing in the car. Maybe he'll be a race car driver some day?? ;)

Anna gets so excited because it's just warm enough for dandelions and honeysuckles to start popping up. She yells "FLOWERS!!! Look Mama...dere's flowers!" And she picks them and gives them to everyone. She even picked some and transported them to Iowa for Papa and Binga. Let's just say they didn't look so hot when we arrived. :)

Very proud of her precious finds.

The driver. He loves it. He turns all the knobs, flips all the levers and pushes all the buttons. He was not happy when I took him out to go eat lunch. Now that tells you how much he likes it!!

Luckily, he never did honk the horn. I think that scares him as much as it does me! Anna, on the other hand, likes to honk the horn.
A friend from church does our car maintenance for us, so we sat around and watched:) Eventually, Jacob got down and quit being shy. Oh my goodness...his face just said "Mama, I'm in HOG HEAVEN!" There were a couple other vehicles around, but mostly he was just completely fascinated with seeing the Honda up in the air! He just pointed, grunted, and then turned to me and smiled so big. It was precious. Anna had a blast "riding" the office chair around. She would zoom around and Jacob would squeal and run around. And I would chase Jacob around and make sure he didn't knock himself unconscious ;)

Here's a quick little video of him "driving". Of course, before I got the camera out he was really gettin' after it...turning the wheel so fast and hard that the whole car was actually shaking!!

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Jaime said...

Abigail loved watching the video of Jacob. That was so cute!